About me


It’s me Irena. I love my family, dogs, sunflowers, delicious food, cozy atmosphere and sincere people. For a long time I wandered around the vast internet space, coming across more and more inspiring blogs, catching with enthusiasm, emotions, grabbing with shared feelings and impressions. Minutes escape into the world of beauty and created with love for loved ones. This is my place for warmth with a scent of cinnamon and culinary temptations.

Apple with cinnamon

It came into my life unexpectedly and stayed forever. Warmth, comfort, dreams, salvation, sun. All this for me is an apple with cinnamon, the taste of warm tea and true love. Witness my happiness and sadness. A divine fragrance with a soul, touching all my senses, spreading life-giving force into my veins. I recognized him by the first scent, from the first touch. I met him and my life changed completely.

The sweet, gentle and sensual scent fills my days, gives me happiness and love, wipes my tears. It prevails over everything and everyone, even when it is cloudy or rainy in my soul.

The scent of my destiny!



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